Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Can you be a model at 50?

Can you be a model at 50?
Yes you can, if you are Francene. Francene, who i had met some years back, had contacted me for her photoshoot to celebrate her 50th birthday. Francene, being the individual that she is, said she did not want to shoot regular portrait style photos, but had always like my style of photography.  She mentioned doing a  steampunk look as well as a few other look ideas she had and i was absolutely up for it.

i booked  Elise, a makeup artist i had been working with recently, to come in and help with the styling and makeup. i think Elise looks on the dark side of things, has a great imagination and works with people so easy, even someone twice her age. so the date was set, Francene came in with all her gear and i created a background and lighting to go with the shoot. Elise and Francene created the looks we wanted. the first look was the idea of steampunk, the second look that she really wanted to create was that of a flamingo dancer. Francene loves all the shapes that the dress and the dancers body creates.

The final look we created was called white face, i totally did not understand the white face concept at first, but once Francene got in front of the camera, it was just amazing to see her create the shapes that she molded herself into, with no direction from me.

for the white face look, i shot more then i probably would because i got caught up in her enthusiasm and energy. It's refreshing in today's world to find someone with that enthusiasm and individuality. It seems that in today's world that most people are so concerned about what others think that they stray from themselves and being who they are, or liking the the things that make them who they are. although her white face was created in color, i changed some in black and white for her and they totally have a unique look as you can see here as i have posted color and black and white.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

new art work with fashion model

I had the opportunity to create some new art work with Fashion model, Christie. I had seen pictures of her ,
but when she came in to my studio, she brought her magic in with her - a totally stunning model amazing body and a killer smile. You just know it will be an awesome photo shoot.

Christie is just amazing to work with: tall, slim, beautiful, and understood how I wanted to work. As a professional full time Fashion  model, she was very interested in a different journey with me. Although she has model art nude before, my ideas and style where somewhat different.

But as I said, she brought her magic in and I fell totally in love with her for that day. So many amazing ideas and concepts we created in such a short time.

Here are just some .

Christie is the model in all the pictures in the picture as well.

do you have time yes,then the phone rings

well Angela phoned to see if I had time to shoot an idea she had as she was in Orange County . just love working with her,
so said yes I can find some time ,so she came in,and  we planned out her idea and started shooting ,
then had a call from a client that need to get a shot of him with a business partner for a Magazine which was very short notice for him and me  , plus dead line that night ,
so had to cut Angela's photo shoot  short ,

but we got some amazing shot's  and got my clients work  done as well , so my art and  business  work well together , just love busy days ,.here are just two of her looks ,

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

once again , commercial work becomes creative ,

I worked with Elise makeup artist and model ,on some black and white concepts which where just gorgeous ,

so I agreed to use some with JJansen Designs in a different why for her designs, instead  of the model wearing her designs ,they would be product placement .

Sunday, December 12, 2010

what's in your car

Romina popped in to see me the other evening, just to say "Hi," as she was in the area.
While chatting, I said I had not shot some jewelry from the day before, and she offered to help. I said "well we need makeup and some clothes."

Well she said: "I have stuff in my car. "Makeup and some great fashion stuff. I all ways travel with stuff - you just never know when you may need it."

Well how right she was! hence my heading: what is in your car

Here are three of the looks she created.
Romina is just beautiful,  funny and smart. Totally enjoy working with her.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

old door frame and vintage fashion

used my old door frame for this. It gave good contrast to her pale skin and the vintage swimsuit.

Absolutely an amazing vintage red dress and jewelry. Sherri is just the perfect model for this.
She just has that look of a Hollywood  movie star from the thirty's  so love working with her.

makeup concept

Working with Jen (makeup artist) and Stephanie (model) on a studio concept.

where do ideas come from

Having  a studio to work in is okay, but I just collect stuff like this old door frame. Why in world did I bring it back to my studio for? Or even say "yes, I will take it" ?
I have no room at my studio for any more stuff,  but it's like well, it's cool old wood ...hmmm yea right.
So ok, I have to do some thing with it or throw it out... hhmmm ...throw it out.

Well I had a new art  model, Angie, coming into the studio. So once she was here and we chatted, I realized she was up for some of my odd ideas. So I screwed the door frame to my floor on it's side, and then got Angie to follow my direction in creating a shape to contrast with the frame. Well I forgot  to say I only had half a door frame.

Angie so talented and easy to work with. Plusshe could hold the pose where she is hanging downwards, so I could change the lighting.

We created some really cool images. Just love her shape in contrast to the straight wood of the door frame.

And yes, I have used it again - So I do not feel too bad having dragged it back to studio...

a really cool guy ,model Brandon G from Model Mayhem

just some more of my black and white  photography with Brandon G a really cool guy to work with from Model Mayhem

"Where did you shoot that?" Was the question

I get asked this about some of my work many times: "Where did you shoot this?"

I shoot mostly in my studio. So, I am always looking for a way to create an idea. As much as I like the beach, swimming and surfing, plus watching the sharks swim by, I needed to create this in my studio.

I do not normally keep my test shots of an idea once I have worked it out. This is one such idea that I found so have posted it.

First, these are some of the images I created:

So this is one of my test shots of how I created them.

The whole image is the test shot - just look at it and you will see the top half is what you would see as the image when I shoot it, but the model is sitting in a plastic tray to catch the water when she stands up. That is a sheet of plastic stretched out in the middle of the picture. It is taped to the walls in my studio with a 2x4 across the front. The models goes in under the plastic and comes up through the hole in which the model stands up in. So we can spray her with water and catch it in the tray she is standing in. It worked well for what I had in mind.

I hope this helps those that have asked or just wondered, but I am not a writer and this is the best I can explain  for now. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and I will try my best to answer.

model say's do you shoot nudes with model Brandon G from Model Mayhem

These are a take on that question that comes up by model and photographers: "Do you shoot nudes?"
So I created these:

Where the photographer says: "Yes ,I can get naked and shoot you."

test for scooter poster's

I created some ideas for an in house showroom for Scooters  at my studio.

Edie was my assistant, as well as doing wardrobe. 
A very busy fun day with two models, and Rachel doing makeup. 

There are many more these are just some test shots.

Do I Shoot Guys? This is Piotrek Pe-yo-Trehk ... Well I call him "Peter."

I was asked: "Do you shoot guys?" 

This is Piotrek Pe-yo-Trehk ... Well I call him "Peter." 

Model Peter was just a great guy. Had a great photo shoot with him.
I know my makeup artist did enjoy it  - as she had to put oil on his body.
I am sure I saw a smile on Peters face.

Here are some from this shoot .

makeup and Faces

Just so lucky to work with so many creative makeup artist.So as I find time will put more up, these are ones that I have worked on in photoshop. No reason - just wanted to.

  The makeup artist are using colour. My choice is just to show these.

part of the Asian Face series ,

Just love this idea created by Rachel (makeup artist):  No eye brows.

I get to work and watch so many creative and talented people at my studio; it's like a paint box of magic.
Even though I do show a lot of my work in black and white, I really appreciate their work, which will be on their websites or blog, in stunning and beautiful colour .

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Art Deco Art Nouveau

I do notice in some of my work a lean in the direction of Art Deco and may be Art Nouveau style.


I am very interested in line and shape, but never seem to know where to go with it. I just love the journey and the way it makes you think. I hope I never get to the end of this journey.  


So I just keep trying different ideas out. Thank goodness I have many model friends that put up with my odd ball ideas and work with me, so I can continue creating images. I never seem to have a reason. It's just a 24/7  journey into the unknown and the discovery of ????

Edie Henry

I have to much to say - so I won't say too much.

Edie Henry is a model, a makeup artist, a wardrobe stylist, and a friend.
Go look at her blog, it is linked on here.

I will show pics of her and some of her work on here  from time to time.
The first image is Edie. Just love her red hair. I have worked many times with her as a model .

Some of our Black and White Fashion Framed images are available and sold in Galleries.

wardrobe created by Edie  image inspired by Richard Avedon