I have no idea where to start

I'm starting this blog off somewhere in the middle - as I really don't think I have a beginning.

Not being a computer wiz, I happen to have met and worked with a beautiful model by the name of Kelly - who happen to be (would you believe it?) a computer wiz!
Having worked with her recently on a couple of ideas that have been in my mind for awhile and Kelly appeared to a model that was not concerned with Fashion, but wanted to be Creative. So she came into my studio and I created the image of her in the desert with an umbrella with no cover on it. It just seemed to be the way it should be and I added part of the background in with Photoshop. During the photoshoot, I think she thought I'd totally lost my mind - sitting her with a dead tree, a load of sand, and an umbrella. But it came out great.

The other one that I had put on here with the dog, I really don't have a reason as to why I created this with her. In my mind, working with Fashion Models, they always appear to have a
non-expressive face so I asked Kelly to show a nonchalant look about what was going on so then I could create the dog eating her arm. It may be off putting to some, but it really is just a concept on showing her facial expression no matter what happened to her.

Although this image was created in color, I really enjoy seeing my work in black and white. I find the story-telling of this image works better in black and white.

"Hello everyone! I'm Kelly, and I just wanted to pop in and talk a little bit about Phillip. He didn't know how to create a blog, so I had to help him out! I'm also an artist, and I understand how Phillip would have a hard time typing his thoughts out on a computer screen. He's a Photographer - not a writer. So I will be helping him out with this blog throughout. I hope you all enjoy reading about Phillip's thought process as this blog continues on.

I totally loved working with Phillip. I met him back in December at a meet and greet and we have talked about working together. I'm not a fashion model (I'm only 4'9"!) so it was kind of odd for Phillip to shoot me. I came into Phillip's studio with no idea what he had in store for me. So then we sat down and talked about the concepts and I was totally thrilled!

The first photo, with the umbrella was the most difficult for me. It didn't really quite show up in the picture, but it's actually raining on me. It was hard keeping my eyes open when water was pouring into my contact lenses! The second photo was definitely the funnest. Phillip knew that I like gore and crazy concepts, and this was definitely one that I loved. When people see me, they actually comment on me getting my arm back from the dog! Hehehe.

I had a great time working with him, and I still love hanging out with him every now and then."
Hugs & Kisses,