the 7 images of fashion

Some time back, Rankin from the UK chose and recreated 7 images from what he coincided changed fashion. I watched this series on You Tube, and at the time I thought I would do it as well.
It is now not on you tube , what came out of this was: it was not just recreating them, it was to trying to under stand how they created them... well maybe how they saw this image in there mind.

The first one was by Erwin Blumenfeld which was a cover for Vogue back in 1950 , I really liked the one Rankin did with Heidi Klum with her tongue out, so the one I have posted, is my take on this image. It was some what straight forward as I had photoshop, but when you realize Blumenfeld shot this in black and white and bleached out the image in the dark room, as this was film, to just show the eyes and lips, and then colored this at the printing stage well what a great imagination to see and plan this.

The second one was by David Baily. I thought this would be a snap ,
but it was not.
I had a model I had worked with many many times, but was not seeing what Bailey was seeing in his image. There was a different feel to this, because Bailey, I think, had a relationship with this model.
So I said to Kim (my model): "I have to fall in love with you for a hour." She said fine, then I looked at her differently, and was very pleased with what we created. Not the same, but the way I saw it,
  I think that is maybe the way to go for me. Also, I really liked Bailey's wind machine -which we used.
So this is my take on the David Bailey image ,,

if you want to see what the hell I am talking about Google ( the seven images that changed fashion) .


  1. Elizabeth RoseberryJuly 6, 2010 at 7:57 PM

    Very cool, I think you hit the mark in both cases. Brillant work.

  2. look what I stumbled upon today!
    The model is the ever-so-beautiful-sexy pop singer Katy Perry.


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