amazing people

I think I will have quite a few of these.
I just seem to be very lucky in meeting and photographing such amazing talented people. Singer Christy Knowings is one of them.

Meet her at a fashion show in LA and then photographed her at my studio in Costa Mesa, CA for a CD and publicity images she wanted. She brought in her own wardrobe and also a friend who played electric violin. We played her CD and it's just beautiful music. I hope to work with her as well.
Just love people who have a passion.

Any way, this is one of Christy's shots. We were creating some of these to be black and white, so this one is all about the shades of black. I totally love the tone of this image of her, and her look just melted my heart.

Probably one of the best parts of my works is the emotion and passion that runs though it with the people I work with .
Makes so much difference as to the images created, as we are all on the same page and want the same thing.

I have many more of Christy.
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