can Fashion be Fine Art?

These are some of the images I create with models.

Just for my love for the early years of Vogue and other magazines, plus the photographers at that time.

I remember the elegance and style which I love. Although I was not a photographer then, I just love style, lighting and composition.

It may be old fashion and a dead art, but I still love it as I do old Bentley's ( I also like the new ones, I am not that odd or stuck in years gone by).

I never shoot this style in my commercial world of fashion at my studio. Some of the models are so young that they do not understand what I create with them.

As in this fashion style of years gone by, but they also know I do not like the some of the images I create with them.

We are so far apart, sometimes young models and my thoughts, but I can give the clients what they need.
I do not have to like it, but I still love photography and it is photography.

It just helps if you like it as well.

I have many clients that buy my years gone by,
as fashion art for their office or home.

Just showing some of them here.