the day before with Catherine

I had a chance to work with a model with blond hair. For some reason I seem to shoot more dark haired models.

Any way, Catherine came in from out of state to my studio (I am in California), and her personality was just great. I knew it would a super shoot since I had so many ideas but not a lot of time. She was only here for a few hours and I had to create two sets and two looks to put it together. It was well worth it. She was so awesome and fun to shoot.

My interest was in an image I had seen awhile ago of Marilyn Monroe Red Velvet by photographer Tom Kelly. I just liked the nude on red, so maybe I like red and nudes I guess.

the image of her on red was created as a reflection to give it a different look. My idea was to have the model looking at a picture of herself that is framed and hung on the wall like a painting.

There are many more that I created with Catherine this is just one. I also worked with her on some other ideas which I will post later as I get time.

Catherine was so easy to work with. She had a very beautiful body, not as shapely as Marilyn, but perfect for my idea - as boobs that fall side ways are not attractive to me , so small boobs are great for laying down images that I wanted.

Catherine was staying in LA, 45 miles from me, and somehow she got back in under a hour at 3pm in the afternoon . It has taken me 3 hours to do the same journey... hmmm... how did she do this?