Do I Look Asian?

Hello, my name is Deveraux. I had the opportunity to stop by the studio to see Phillip for an impromptu shoot. Before tonight, I have had a hard time seeing myself as an Asian female. Because I have mostly white friends, I have seen my life through American eyes.

Phillip responded to me, “You look Asian, a very beautiful one in fact. I will photograph you, and you will see.” As he worked with the lighting, the photos and images came through rather naturally. Looking at them on the computer, I was blown away. It took me minutes before exclaiming to Phillip, “I am so Asian!” And, he started laughing.

Although Phillip primarily displays black and white work, I asked him to put up some in color to show off the red lipstick I do not normally wear. And, since I am not a make-up artist, I wanted to see the red lips I so painstakingly worked on! To keep the shoot from being too organized, he asked me to smoke a cigarette. Although I did not smoke it, we used it as a prop. As Phillip wanted to talk to me and get emotion, the cigarette helped set the perfect mood. Having seen the results, I agree with his English ways.

When Deveraux said, "I look like an Asian," I had to laugh because I have only seen her as an Asian girl. But, I did understand what she was saying. As being born as an American and grown up as an American, she had forgotten about her look - and she really does have a beautiful look. So, this impromptu photoshoot enabled me to show her how Asian she looked through my eyes as an English photographer.

I have posted here the ways that I see her face and also how I worked with her how I show feelings and emotions because I was talking to her and changing the lighting and shooting her at the same time so she did not try posing for the camera. She reacted to what I was saying to her.

I have posted these in black in white, as my love in photography is black and white. But, I have to admit, I just love her red lips. So, I agreed to post these in color.