Multiple Exposure

I started shooting film but changed to digital with the first Canon D30. Wow! How things changed!

Any way I never did the double or multiple exposure, like create two or three images on the same frame. So wanted to do this as a one frame image - not a photoshop creation. I had a model in mind that I thought would by interested in testing this idea with me and also would not think to bad of me if it did not work .

I set up the camera on a tripod set it for a 4 second exposure and manually fired the flash. Well first off, too much light... hmm... so I turned out all the studio lights and the modeling lights, so all was in darkness. Kind of cool with this shadowy model moving around, so shot it again, now I was getting some where.

So for this one I created three images on the one frame, but I think I like the two images better.

Had another model that was a ballet dancer that came in. Now I wanted to create a design in this double exposure. So I had her do the pose one way and then the other. It worked just great. So I will be doing some more. I really enjoy this way of creating an image and I know the model love it as well, because it is them that are creating it - not Photoshop.

So it works for me, Also, I have many more ideas to work on so having fun testing it,







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