my muse

Photographers, writers, poets and musicians have said that their creative work has been inspired by a person whom they refer to as their muse.

A muse is someone who has such an influence on another that he or she becomes the focus and inspiration for that person's creative work.

My muse has been such a person for 4 years and over a 100 photo shoots. She's also been very much involved in creating ideas with me that I have also used with other models. She is also the avatar that I am using. She still brings a certain feeling to every thing we do, and yet after 4 years, she is just as exiting to work with as she was on the first photo shoot.

I had not worked with her for some months, and we managed to find some time this past June. It is not all ways planned; we just sort of create something. This one was about native American. I had a blanket I wanted to use, so I created this in a reflection to give the image a different look. I used a large 8x4 slice of black Plexiglas.

She was behind me and I photographed her reflection. I just like the softness and the look it creates. I have many more that I will post of different ideas I have created in this format.

The reason I like to create images this way, is that it does not need Photoshop. This image is just the way it was taken.

I think that is the magic that you and your model can enjoy, because with digital, you can see it now - not later. So I think that gives a more special feeling that the model can see what she is creating. As for the reflection image, there is a background canvas behind her, so all that you see was in the image as I created it.

I have no interest in arguing about if this could be created in Photoshop. I just love the journey with the model in creating these images, as they feel very much a part of it, as I do by being a photographer and creating it .