same sofa , different model but not the same concept, but similar

Some times you get an idea, but unlike a painter. you cannot get another canvas and keep working.

So I love this idea of the girl on the sofa and her picture on the wall. Not an original idea - I agree, but I like it.
I have to plan this again, which can take a while.

So here is another model that was from out of state: Sha-Lynne.
I created two ideas with her of this same concept.

I notice I use wine and cigarettes a lot and some times the model is not wearing much, sometimes nothing. Hmmmm... well Sha- Lynne, like Catherine, was just a pleasure to work with. She smiles and laughs,and sure makes my work very easy.

I also created some other ideas with her as you can see from the picture on the wall of her smoking.
I thought it may be best if I photographed her with her Glasses on -as she kept bumping into things and saying things like "where is the sofa?"