Surprise photo shoot with an Actress

Photographer Wayne Cutler (from LA, CA) some times uses my studio.
Well this Friday, July 9th, he came in with Belgium actress Nora , and it was planned that if I had time I may like to work with her.

Well I was going out later, so I said to Wayne: "Are you okay if I shoot candid as you work with her?" He said "Yes," so I just watched and would see a shot coming up, so would grab it, and then watch some more.

She was just beautiful to work with. Nora was very much a women in her late thirty's with her European accent and her look. I used this and her shape to create some very interesting Femme Fatale style black and white images.
It was a slow shoot, music and a glass of red wine. I almost felt I was somewhere else. In all I probably shot sum 40 images. I love the wine ones .hmm I like them all...

It was so interesting, as she was not a model, so I had to give her an idea and she would play the part.

Makeup was created by Elise from San Clemente. She is on MM (#1492143). Elise also created the styling with Nora.

So some times a photo shoot can just be creative and very enjoyable.
This brought back many great memories from a long time ago when I was in Europe ( Paris).

Maybe I should work with another actress again; it was really great to see how they focus on the concept and not on "Does my face look okay? Does the dress fit?"
An actress understands not to look at the camera all the time, where as a model wants to.

Just my thoughts and some of the images.


  1. Phillip, we have emailed a few times, I am an actress in LA and am on Model Mayhem, I would love to be involved in your Reflections book. If you would take a minute to look at my photos, I love the black and white shadows too.

    thank you, Mary Kay Riley MM#861958


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