Asian Faces

I was very intrigued when I worked with Deveraux in the previous post on how she didn't think she looked Asian.

So I happen to have the opportunity to work with Kelly, who is the Soccer Ninja.

Though I have worked with her before, I really wanted to do a beauty makeup with an asian  styled look.

  I will be doing more of these with other models in the next few months.

It's surprising sometimes how Asian look, in relation to how they think they look

Kelly Vy: As always, it was a fun and exciting shoot with Phillip. We went through our usual "Hello's" and hugs. I drove over to the studio by myself after work, so this time, there was no yellow Corvette distracting him from me.

I have never done an Asian look for a photoshoot before, and I was a bit afraid I'll turn out a bit "fob-ish." Hah, silly me, what was I thinking. Phillip will never make me look bad.

It was a very short shoot. The majority of the time was spent on getting the lighting right - and obviously you can see how awesome it is. We tried a few poses and these two worked out best. Phillip had an idea for a pose that he sketched out. it was hilarious as it was missing an arm.

Overall it was a fantastic time. I love the photos. I am so happy and honored that Phillip wanted to work with me again. 


  1. Amazing work by the both of you. Phillip, you really know your stuff. And Kelly, well you are simply breathtaking.

  2. I remember being inspired by MANY of his "limbless" sketches!
    Phillip just has a way with expressing his ideas...
    ALWAYS a pleasure to create with!


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