Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Asian Faces

I was very intrigued when I worked with Deveraux in the previous post on how she didn't think she looked Asian.

So I happen to have the opportunity to work with Kelly, who is the Soccer Ninja.

Though I have worked with her before, I really wanted to do a beauty makeup with an asian  styled look.

  I will be doing more of these with other models in the next few months.

It's surprising sometimes how Asian look, in relation to how they think they look

Kelly Vy: As always, it was a fun and exciting shoot with Phillip. We went through our usual "Hello's" and hugs. I drove over to the studio by myself after work, so this time, there was no yellow Corvette distracting him from me.

I have never done an Asian look for a photoshoot before, and I was a bit afraid I'll turn out a bit "fob-ish." Hah, silly me, what was I thinking. Phillip will never make me look bad.

It was a very short shoot. The majority of the time was spent on getting the lighting right - and obviously you can see how awesome it is. We tried a few poses and these two worked out best. Phillip had an idea for a pose that he sketched out. it was hilarious as it was missing an arm.

Overall it was a fantastic time. I love the photos. I am so happy and honored that Phillip wanted to work with me again.