Hollywood lighting

Another one I created in that old Hollywood style was this one with the glass, bottles and cigarette .I had the model position herself so I could frame her face in the glass, which reduced her size, but still show her breast between the bottle and the stem of the glass.

I am very interested in the style of lighting by the photographers of the 30's and 40's, such as George Hurrell and Eugene Robert Richee.

So when I get the opportunity like I did with Deveraux , working with her on the Erotica book, I decided to work on some with her.

I test shoot my lighting before I start, so I used that test to create this look with her. Very pleased with the out come.

Where I will go with this, I have no idea. I just love being a photographer and trying to see what photographers were seeing back then, and how they maybe created their style.


  1. The image with the bottle, etc., is nothing less than brilliant Phillip.


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