The joys and sorrows of being hosted on the web

I have spent the past seven years networking my website even though the hosting company ( would drop my website offline, would never reply to emails, phone messages. So, for some reason, I have put up with their appalling service and disrespect for me as a client. Plus, at one point, their spam filtering was not working, and I received over two-thousand spam emails in one day, which was a total nightmare. Dealing with this company has not been easy, but they were cheap at $88/year to host my website and email.

Back in June, my website came up for renewal, which paypal very happily went and paid them. Straightaway, my website came down again. After ten days of phoning, leaving messages, and emailing them, it was like I was dealing with a deaf, blind, and dumb company that did not give a shit about getting things done. So, I emailed my friend paypal person and told them I was not happy with ehost, as I have just renewed my yearly contract with them. Since my website is not online, I would like to get a refund. Would you believe ehost did finally phone me up?

They were sad that I wanted to leave and go with someone else. I said to them my reasons for leaving them like bad service. After a lengthy conversation where she tried to convince me to let her keep my meager $88, she agreed to refund my payment. She then reminded me that my domain name had expired and needed to be redone. She told me she would be happy to do this for me for $20. So, she needed my credit card information, which me believing in people, I gave her the $20 .

Well, guess what? She renewed my domain name and registered to ehost so I could not use it. When I went to get the new website hosted they needed the redirection details from ehost, but we could not sign into the admin of my old web site to do this ,because they had deleted it off their server, including my email account.

So, now I had a website with no name that I had worked on networking for seven years which showed my work, brought in new clients, and business to my studio.

I had to register a new domain name and start all over again, which I have now done with who also did drop my website offline twice within the first two weeks of being with them. I contacted them and they said, yes, we have a problem with our server and we are watching it. So I replied, wow that must be exciting drinking coffee and eating donuts looking at a computer server to see what it may do. Will it jump up and run around the room? I found the comment of we are watching the server to be a bit of a joke.

We all need a website to show case our work and for clients fo find us, but sometimes I get very tired of the BS and lack of service.

This is my rant for this month.

Thank you ehost for being so friendly and helping through my time of trouble and I promise I will never send you a happy get well card when you are sick and feel like crap or create a doll and stick pins in it .

Details from their website:

Thank you for choosing eHostSource to be your web host. As your web hosting provider, we are always available to answer your web hosting questions. Please remember to refer to our web hosting technical support pages for the most common questions and concerns. If you cannot find the answer to your web hosting question there, feel free to contact us through any of the following:

  • Web hosting provider telephone number: 704-984-5263 9AM - 5PM EST M-F
  • Web host support email:
  • To snail mail

112-B Charter Street
Albemarle, North Carolina

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