Kelly's Ninja Soccer Match

I just worked with Kelly Vy, who I worked with some months back. She created such an impression on me with her energy and just a damn cool kid. I like her very much. 

So I had this idea of a Ninja girl in high heels, but i didn't know quite what to do with it and then I thought "maybe she's playing soccer." And it was going to be with a model I knew, Matteo, who lived in LA. So I contacted him to come in and work with me on this idea with me and I them booked in Kelly.

I had this problem of how to position the soccer ball without it flying all around the studio and hitting people upside the head. So on chatting with Kelly, she said her boyfriend, Daniel, would be happy to come in and give a hand. So I thought "Ah ha! I can have the soccer ball on a long pole and get him to position it." So I put Dan up an 8-foot ladder so he won't be in the way, with a 12-foot pole with the soccer ball dangling from a wire in the end.

Beautiful Kelly then came on the set, with this really beautiful dress and the fan just would not blow the dress to show her legs off. So Kelly said to me: "Just cut the damn bottom off the dress!" I looked in shock, knowing that she had paid $500 dollars for this dress (well... maybe not as much as that). So all in the spirit of a great photoshoot, I got my trusty scissors, and cut the bottom of the dress off with her wearing it. I must admit, she really does have nice legs.

I asked Matteo to create some flying-through-the-air shots for me, so we put a whole stack of cushions on the floor for him to fall into. So he would run down the studio and shout out "Jeronimo!!!"

Matteo  leapt into the air, and Dan had to keep the ball suspended as the Flying Matteo was trying to Head the ball to give me the look I wanted to create. So running down my studio, flying through the air, crashing into the cushion began to take its toll.

So back on with the photoshoot!
Kelly had to create the Ninja Look as I had given her a headband from part of the dress. The dress now flew up too high. So we fixed a piece of wire to it, and got the makeup artist, Brittney, to keep the dress from flying up. It's always one thing or another. Too much or too little. But as I said, she has great legs, so we all enjoyed looking at her with her lacey little underwear on. Even Dan calling out from the top of his ladder: "Man she looks hot!"

Back on with the photoshoot.
Kelly had to practice her double-leg-kick and Dan had to place the ball right in position so that Matteo can create his soccer move and Kelly could do her "OMG! I'm a Ninja In High Heels Playing Soccer." On one of Kelly's practice kick, she kicked the ball right off the wire; luckily, no one got hurt.

I just love working with Kelly. So after threatening to break off the heels of her shoes if she did not update her blog, I got her to copy and paste her thoughts on the photoshoot on here.

Sunday, August 8th, was my second shoot with Phillip Ritchie. It was also the second time I had Brittney Long to be the makeup artist. We also had male model, Matteo, in the shoot. My boyfriend, Daniel, was also there to help out.

Boy, was it a fun and energetic shoot. Actually, "fun" is an understatement.

I know most people don't like having too many people on set. However, I like it. So many people can come up with different solutions on how to do something. I'm not talking about telling each other what to do such as telling a model how to pose or act or how to set up lighting. I'm talking about real problems, such as when I wasn't getting far enough off the ground or when I was having a hard time holding my balance, and we all put our heads together to try to solve it and then we all took on different "jobs" to assist each other throughout the shoot.

So the day started at 10 AM and the first thing Phillip says to us, is how cool Daniel's corvette is. *sigh*... men... and then I got a hug AFTER that. hahah. So then we went inside and Phillip talked to us about the concept and how he wanted me to look. Then Brittney and I went off to go do makeup.

I love working with Brittney. Michael Magers had recommended her to me two months ago, and I just loved how she made me look, so of course I had to hire her to work with me again on this shoot.

Then we shot a little, and I had to BEG Phillip to cut my dress, so then he finally did and made me a cool like headband out of it. Tee hee. Then we finished up shooting.

It was so fun! Daniel was on the ladder, working on the pole with the ball. Matteo was diving around and Phillip had to keep telling him to close his legs and be more lady-like. As usual, no one knew what Phillip was trying to tell us to do. I broke a box with my super-high heels at one point and we had to replace the piece of wood.

No one really knew how Phillip saw the photos in his head. Somehow, even in all that clutter, Phillip was able to get things together and got the images he wanted. After looking at them, we finally knew what the guy was talking about.

Phillip said I looked like a Ninja, since all Ninjas play soccer in high heels.
The heels are to die for! and here I am playing soccer in them... oh... the things i do for phillip..

Here's a photo of Matteo, dashing across Phillip's gigantic studio, trying to hit the ball, but Daniel was on the ladder, pulling it away from Matteo every time.

Matteo pissed me off, so I gave him the evil eye.

Who's gonna get to the ball first? You bet your ass it was me!


  1. Congratulations to all on this shoot! It was great walking in on the 5 of you [haha] The images turned out KICK-ASS and I cannot wait to see more...


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