Make-up and model concepts

This was an idea by a model who said, "Maybe you could get two models for the price of one in today's economy."

So this is our idea of two models for the price of one. Just unzip and there is the other model.

This falls in the concept of how we perceive models,make-up and styling and what they will do to be part of this.

So over the past months, I have been photographing some of the models in a preconceived way of how we see them. from tall and slim to all those in between.

I will add more during the month of August.

Like some people, I watch youtube and like to find things that interest me.
This is a video that I have watched many times. Dollface. I think the talent that created this is exceptional as is the concept and story.

Also on youtube, is yet another video that I am totally in awe of. I find it fascinating and love the music and the story that comes through on this

All is full of love.

Take a look at these videos and hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Remember, I did not make these, I am just a viewer like you are.

We will all get different feelings or ideas from watching these .