music on a web site

Just went to a photographers web site from a link, web site came up, beautiful black and white images ...


Music so dam loud, I almost broke my key board trying to hit mute, fell of my chair and damn near had a heart attack!!!

Then hit the "back" button and did not look at his web site any more. I enjoy looking at other photographers' work or a model's; to me it is all about the images, not some band shouting at me, which has nothing to do with the images even if they do like it themselves.

If they want people to view their work, just have it set at a low volume. You are a photographer showing your work!

Well that's #2 rant this month... mmmm... why am I ranting? Too much coffee maybe.

There must be a way of setting your music control when you upload or whatever you do so this does not happen.

I have my computer set at low for listening, so it was really loud, I properly would have had a heart attack had it been on high.