Styling with Edie

This is just one of many photoshoots that I worked on with Edie.

I know it's her job to make all things come together but she just goes beyond and somehow knows what dress goes with each model and how to set up the the look we need.

It was a sad day for me when she moved,  but there is a link on my blog so you can go see what she is up to.

  She is also one amazing makeup artist and she is also a model and a wife.

How does she keep all this together?

All I do is just take pictures.

I have an easy life when working with Edie.

Will also put more of her styling  on as I find time.

the fashion makeup for this photo shoot was created by makeup artist  Andrea Dow


  1. Gasp! She truly is phenomenal at her (one of many) job!

  2. Awww! Thank you sweet! I miss you!!! There are just some working relationships that go together like penut butter and jelly...and ours was that! ;) ALWAYS inspired..always fun...always rewarding!

    And thank you Kelly! ;)


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