Thursday, September 30, 2010

Black and White Art photography is being used commercially

Black and white photography being created for commercial advertising work which I really enjoy to see this happen. The model is also a makeup artist.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It may be a shoe fetish.

If you read the previous post, you'll see why I got involved with a spa.  And for some reason, in my mind, I had shapes and forms.  So I created this montage of two images.

Let me tell you why this is a montage of two images.
I live in California, at the moment, it's over 120 degrees in the desert.  That's one reason why I'm not going out to the desert. Second reason is because it can take up to two hours to get there, and I'd need a truck to take the spa there.

I really do love photography, but do I love it enough to go to the desert? So, the next reason is: Why go to the desert when I have a studio with air conditioning set at 70 degrees? And I have music and a glass of wine in my studio.

All very pleasant and easy to deal with because I have all my lighting setup and do not have to rely on Mister Sun or taking lighting on location.
So this is the reason why I created this image. The spa was available and one of the most beautiful red headed models (that I worked with before) was available the day I needed to do this.

She also had this incredible pair of shoes.  And I secretly believe she and many other models have a fetish over shoes. (which I will be doing more of later on).  I had this image of her shape in my mind with the shoes. Just love the way all the angles came together .

I know she is beautiful and has red hair just wait , will post more.

When the opportunity arises take advantage of it.

My studio is located in a eclectic group of businesses, such as: music school, antique stores, sushi restaurant, spa, and Starbucks.I noticed the other day at the back of my studio, there was a spa tub that was being replaced.  I asked the owners what were they going to do with the old spa tub.  They said, "Nothing, did you want to use it?"  I replied, "Yes I'd love to use it as a prop."  Now I have no idea of what in the world I'm going to go do with a spa.   Being an imaginative person, I felt that I can create something with it.

  So after heaving, moving, and pushing stuff out of the way, I had the spa centered in my studio.  Now the thing was...what do I do with it?  So my first thought came up as the spa looked as it was abandoned, it would perhaps suit a concept of being dumped on some wasteland.  I also had the opportunity at the last minute to work with Linda C, a very pretty Asian model.  She agreed to come in and get wet and soapy in my spa.

  So the idea was to have her taken a bath and washing her hair using a watering  can as a shower.  I have no reason as to why I did this, but I absolutely loved the creative process of bringing the idea and model together.

Elise became a model.

I've worked with Elise   many times and had mentioned to her that she should be a model.  We had the occasion the other day when she came into the studio to plan her work with me for the forthcoming month.  Prior to coming in, she had spoken to me on the phone and said "Did you really mean what you said about me being a model?"  I said, "Absolutely Elise, I will shoot you as a model."     Knowing my interest in black and white photography, we started the first one as a black and white image.

Her interest in modeling appears to be diverse - as the second look was red lips and more dramatic sexy glamour. Being as I have a collection of wine bottles, etc., and I also had a spa tub which had been used at another shoot.  She said that perhaps she can be inside the bathtub with all the wine bottles.  I said to Elise, "Fantabulous idea."  We were both super happy with the result.  Even though I am a full-time photographer, I still enjoy just being a photographer for creating images when there is no clients.

Friday, September 24, 2010


I just recently worked with Mohirah, a male model, on some sports related images for an update on his portfolio.

We decided to use a punching bag for some shots. A friend of mine had one that was not in use so I poped over to pick it up.

Well, I remember the last time I had to move a punching bag, I just picked it up, threw it up on my shoulder, and walked away to put in the car.

hmmmm guess what? getting older really hurts.
No it sucks big time. I could not lift this sucker of the ground, and had to use a sack trolley and then it took two of us to put it in the trunk of my car.  hmmmm puff puff , sit down  hmmmm. Anyway I finally  got it rigged up in the studio.

Mohirah was very cool guy to work with, followed direction well and we created some very cool images for his portfolio.

As I  knew we would be finishing by 3pm, I had contacted Fitness model, Mercedes, who wanted to add some more images to her Agency portfolio showing her shape and form. So she came in and got ready.
Although I had worked with her on jewelry ad shots  for J Jansen Designs, I was not ready for this hard body  fitness model.

She just looked amazing.

Guess how I felt when I could not lift the dam Bag, and she did a leg kick and dam near kicked the bag out of the studio door?  Hhhhmmm

Well back to work. We wanted to show the form of her body using hard side lighting, but it did not give a  good look to her face. So with a combination of lighting, we created a very nice mix. Even though she was moving into the light to get the look we wanted, it maybe took more time than I anticipated.

I was very happy with the outcome and so was Mercedes ,

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Five years of Mayhem

How time goes by so quick when your having fun... I Joined Model Mayhem on September 23rd, 5 years ago.
It is hard to believe it has been so long. I have meet and made friends with many many people and have some very special friends from there now.

My Muse was on there when we first worked together, plus many many more, photographers, stylists, makeup artists, etc.

I have so enjoyed the creative input from so much talent which has helped me in following my own journey in photography.

I have worked many times with Kathryn and wanted to photograph her today, Thursday, September 23. It was short notice but wanted to remember the past 5 years.

I have watched  Kathryn  break out of her shell, become more confident as a model and a person, so I thought it would be great idea to work with her.

I also wanted to use my Sofa a few more times for the new book of my work, and wanted her to be in it before the sofa gets replaced.

So here are just a few of what we created to day.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Remembering my Geisha

I have all ways admired how perfect a Geisha looked, and just wondered how they can keep their composure  under stress.

I spoke to my Muse about this and she said Asian people do not show feelings and do not outwardly cry they are very private.

So I asked her if she would work with me on this project, to see if we could go beyond that, and get her to show her feelings.

So with talking to her as we worked, plus music playing,
and my makeup artist, Andrea Dow, who created this Geisha look.

We took her on a journey.

I showed her the beautiful Geisha she had become in a mirror and my monitor  screen.

She did look absolutely amazing.

She felt very composed and beautiful with her clothes and makeup.

Andrea had referenced the look we wanted, and she is also one of the most talented makeup artist I have worked with and a super nice person.

As for my muse, well I just think the world of her for putting up with all my odd ball ideas. She has never complained in the 4 years we have worked together .

So the journey began, music and telling her stories about times gone by, and  how beautiful she looked.

As I photographed her, Andrea began to mess up her hair  and then smeared her makeup, pulled at her clothes, and messed up her hair some more.

We could see it was affecting her as she tried to stay calm and composed. She had agreed to see this through, so Andrea continued to mess her hair and makeup, pulled her clothes off her shoulders and exposed her breast.

I still kept shooting and we could see she was not just acting now. As we shot some more and she did look a mess, but was determined not to let it affect her.

Andrea pulled the the clothes and her hair some more,
and my Geisha  lowered her head,  as if in shame.

We could see the the change in her.

Her eyes where watering up, her face became
tense. and then there where tears running down her face, dripping on o her breast.
She was feeling her own emotions.

It was at that point that Andrea and I both noticed we had tears in our eyes - to see our Geisha, so beautiful, being destroyed and crying.

Yet she kept going trying to stay composed until the last frame was shot.

It was very quiet for a moment, then my Geisha said she had mixed emotions as she loved the way she looked, but felt so sad and violated  at the end, but loved the fact she got in touch with her own inner feelings.

I do not think we proved any thing, just was a very emotional photo shoot and we all enjoyed the journey.

These are just a few that I am showing.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

GoDaddy does care

I have had so much bad news and service (see my previous post ) with my last web hosting company, that I left them and went with Go Daddy.

Well, I did have some problems withGo Daddy and it was always an hour on the phone etc etc.

Well, in frustration, I did leave a message on their Blog.

Well guess what?

They did phone me. The guy was very polite, said who he was, why he was calling, and listen to me rant on about this and that.
He was super helpful, did a great job in explaining why things go wrong, so  now I am very happy to be with GoDaddy.

So thank you Go Daddy for caring.

And remember I am only a $100-a-year Client.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fashion to Lingerie and Nude

I have worked with Kathryn over the last few years in commercial and fashion. She is a stunning and beautiful  5' 10 " red head.

Just recently she wanted to move more into Lingerie and maybe some nude. I was very happy to have the opportunity to work with her on this.

As I am normally looking at black and white and shadows, this was a nice change to shoot.

It was hard at first, as I always look for the shadows first, but really did not have any to work  with.

I am very happy with the way these came out.

I hope she will still do fashion, as she is such a great model, but I do understand her interest in a different journey.