I just recently worked with Mohirah, a male model, on some sports related images for an update on his portfolio.

We decided to use a punching bag for some shots. A friend of mine had one that was not in use so I poped over to pick it up.

Well, I remember the last time I had to move a punching bag, I just picked it up, threw it up on my shoulder, and walked away to put in the car.

hmmmm guess what? getting older really hurts.
No it sucks big time. I could not lift this sucker of the ground, and had to use a sack trolley and then it took two of us to put it in the trunk of my car.  hmmmm puff puff , sit down  hmmmm. Anyway I finally  got it rigged up in the studio.

Mohirah was very cool guy to work with, followed direction well and we created some very cool images for his portfolio.

As I  knew we would be finishing by 3pm, I had contacted Fitness model, Mercedes, who wanted to add some more images to her Agency portfolio showing her shape and form. So she came in and got ready.
Although I had worked with her on jewelry ad shots  for J Jansen Designs, I was not ready for this hard body  fitness model.

She just looked amazing.

Guess how I felt when I could not lift the dam Bag, and she did a leg kick and dam near kicked the bag out of the studio door?  Hhhhmmm

Well back to work. We wanted to show the form of her body using hard side lighting, but it did not give a  good look to her face. So with a combination of lighting, we created a very nice mix. Even though she was moving into the light to get the look we wanted, it maybe took more time than I anticipated.

I was very happy with the outcome and so was Mercedes ,


  1. You are so amazing to work with Philip! You did a brilliant job of capturing my strength and feminity in each shot. I love these photos and loved working with you!
    A big giant hug,

  2. LOVE this series!!! Fabulously done...OF COURSE!!!


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