It may be a shoe fetish.

If you read the previous post, you'll see why I got involved with a spa.  And for some reason, in my mind, I had shapes and forms.  So I created this montage of two images.

Let me tell you why this is a montage of two images.
I live in California, at the moment, it's over 120 degrees in the desert.  That's one reason why I'm not going out to the desert. Second reason is because it can take up to two hours to get there, and I'd need a truck to take the spa there.

I really do love photography, but do I love it enough to go to the desert? So, the next reason is: Why go to the desert when I have a studio with air conditioning set at 70 degrees? And I have music and a glass of wine in my studio.

All very pleasant and easy to deal with because I have all my lighting setup and do not have to rely on Mister Sun or taking lighting on location.
So this is the reason why I created this image. The spa was available and one of the most beautiful red headed models (that I worked with before) was available the day I needed to do this.

She also had this incredible pair of shoes.  And I secretly believe she and many other models have a fetish over shoes. (which I will be doing more of later on).  I had this image of her shape in my mind with the shoes. Just love the way all the angles came together .

I know she is beautiful and has red hair just wait , will post more.