Elise became a model.

I've worked with Elise   many times and had mentioned to her that she should be a model.  We had the occasion the other day when she came into the studio to plan her work with me for the forthcoming month.  Prior to coming in, she had spoken to me on the phone and said "Did you really mean what you said about me being a model?"  I said, "Absolutely Elise, I will shoot you as a model."     Knowing my interest in black and white photography, we started the first one as a black and white image.

Her interest in modeling appears to be diverse - as the second look was red lips and more dramatic sexy glamour. Being as I have a collection of wine bottles, etc., and I also had a spa tub which had been used at another shoot.  She said that perhaps she can be inside the bathtub with all the wine bottles.  I said to Elise, "Fantabulous idea."  We were both super happy with the result.  Even though I am a full-time photographer, I still enjoy just being a photographer for creating images when there is no clients.