Remembering my Geisha

I have all ways admired how perfect a Geisha looked, and just wondered how they can keep their composure  under stress.

I spoke to my Muse about this and she said Asian people do not show feelings and do not outwardly cry they are very private.

So I asked her if she would work with me on this project, to see if we could go beyond that, and get her to show her feelings.

So with talking to her as we worked, plus music playing,
and my makeup artist, Andrea Dow, who created this Geisha look.

We took her on a journey.

I showed her the beautiful Geisha she had become in a mirror and my monitor  screen.

She did look absolutely amazing.

She felt very composed and beautiful with her clothes and makeup.

Andrea had referenced the look we wanted, and she is also one of the most talented makeup artist I have worked with and a super nice person.

As for my muse, well I just think the world of her for putting up with all my odd ball ideas. She has never complained in the 4 years we have worked together .

So the journey began, music and telling her stories about times gone by, and  how beautiful she looked.

As I photographed her, Andrea began to mess up her hair  and then smeared her makeup, pulled at her clothes, and messed up her hair some more.

We could see it was affecting her as she tried to stay calm and composed. She had agreed to see this through, so Andrea continued to mess her hair and makeup, pulled her clothes off her shoulders and exposed her breast.

I still kept shooting and we could see she was not just acting now. As we shot some more and she did look a mess, but was determined not to let it affect her.

Andrea pulled the the clothes and her hair some more,
and my Geisha  lowered her head,  as if in shame.

We could see the the change in her.

Her eyes where watering up, her face became
tense. and then there where tears running down her face, dripping on o her breast.
She was feeling her own emotions.

It was at that point that Andrea and I both noticed we had tears in our eyes - to see our Geisha, so beautiful, being destroyed and crying.

Yet she kept going trying to stay composed until the last frame was shot.

It was very quiet for a moment, then my Geisha said she had mixed emotions as she loved the way she looked, but felt so sad and violated  at the end, but loved the fact she got in touch with her own inner feelings.

I do not think we proved any thing, just was a very emotional photo shoot and we all enjoyed the journey.

These are just a few that I am showing.