When the opportunity arises take advantage of it.

My studio is located in a eclectic group of businesses, such as: music school, antique stores, sushi restaurant, spa, and Starbucks.I noticed the other day at the back of my studio, there was a spa tub that was being replaced.  I asked the owners what were they going to do with the old spa tub.  They said, "Nothing, did you want to use it?"  I replied, "Yes I'd love to use it as a prop."  Now I have no idea of what in the world I'm going to go do with a spa.   Being an imaginative person, I felt that I can create something with it.

  So after heaving, moving, and pushing stuff out of the way, I had the spa centered in my studio.  Now the thing was...what do I do with it?  So my first thought came up as the spa looked as it was abandoned, it would perhaps suit a concept of being dumped on some wasteland.  I also had the opportunity at the last minute to work with Linda C, a very pretty Asian model.  She agreed to come in and get wet and soapy in my spa.

  So the idea was to have her taken a bath and washing her hair using a watering  can as a shower.  I have no reason as to why I did this, but I absolutely loved the creative process of bringing the idea and model together.