Gun shot and muzzel flash with the actor Ermal Williamson

This shot was created for a John Wayne concept, with the actor Ermal Williamson, who was recreating scenes of John Wayne.
It did not take to long too work out the timing and we got the shot muzzle flash and all.
Did not need photoshop for this.
Later, some one said I could have used a sound censer to fire the flash. NOW THEY TELL ME!!!

but what I did think of was: my studio is in a complex, with a restaurant and many people walking by, and Ermal must have fired 8 blanks of in my studio. They where loud, made my ears ring, and the Police Station is only a mile away... yet no one complained or came to see what was going on. I guess it's the world we live in. Don't get involved. At the time I did not think any thing of what we where doing - only after talking to friends.