inspired by Richard Avedon part two

The second idea by Richard Avendon came from the Pirelli Calender 1997, model Waris Dire.

I once again used Vel.

I always liked that it was a very simple idea with unusual styling using clothes pins and some sort of expanding  plastic.
I had the styling props for ages but never had the right model until Vel came in.

Once again, Edie (stylist) and Elise (makeup artist) worked together to create this look.

I felt that the exposed breast of Waris (Avedon's model) was taking away from the very simple styling, which I felt was the key to this image.

So working with my lighting to keep Vel's breast in the shadows, so the focus was on the styling.

the first image is my concept of his idea ,

The second is taking the idea in another direction ,

I just love the profile shape Vel created - as I think it shows off the styling plus her body shape but still does not focus on her nudity.


  1. I love Avedon, yet I love your interpretation even more! Stunning!

  2. I had such a great time creating with y'all!!!! are always so inspiring to me!
    Can't wait to see what you have in store for me the next time I visit! ;) edie


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