lighting test

This was a product test for another photographer who was doing a writeup on lighting and asked me to use this product to see if I could create my style of lighting.

The lighting was using white umbrellas. I have not used these for a long time. What I did find was they spread out a lot of ligh. I just had forgotten just how much as I use soft boxes and barn doors.

this first image is just one large umbrella and lots of light.

The only way I could get close to what I wanted to see was to flag and block the light plus use the edge of the umbrella to control the light. It was hard work and very time consuming.

Here are some from this test .
The pic on the left  is how I shot the image, the other is PS and how I would use it.
Well I must admit, I did  get very close to what I normally see and created some of the shadows I wanted.
All lighting has its own  use, but narrow soft boxes and barn doors are my choice for most of my work.

The model was Brett, who let the makeup artist put this mud stuff on her and wrap rope around her neck and arms. She probably wondered what this shoot was all about. I told her it was about texture and shadows. I just love models that are very beautiful, yet know it is not about them but the concept.