always been inspired by Richard Avedon

I have found Richard Avedon's and many other photographers to be very inspiring over the years even before I became a photographer.

So over the next few months, I plan on basing my ideas on some of their images and to create it the way I see it but still show what inspired me.

I know there are many photographers that feel thir work has to be original, but reading and watching many documentaries about Richard Avedon and many others, they say they are inspired by other photographer's  and artist etc., etc.

This way gives me a better understanding as to how they created their work.

So I am starting with  Christy Turlington  by Richard Avedon for the  December 1995 Pirelli Calender.

Vel, a black model, was my choice for this. We had been trying to work together  for nearly a year.

This photoshoot was when the planets were are all in aligned .

Edie (wardrobestylist) had moved to Texas from CA nearly a year ago ... mmmm same time frame as the model ..  but Edie was going to be back in town for a few days only and wanted to come by the studio on the Monday in question ... mmmm   alignment  ...

The makeup artist was Elise, who is very talented and I wanted her to work with me on this, well she was available for the Monday that Vel and I wanted to work  ... mmm more alignment ...

So every body arrived and it was harmony in the air. the planets where aligned.

It was a surprise for Edie, as I had not told her I had planned a photoshoot, but she was so up for it and loved  the concept. So I gave her some material  a piece of rope and some scissors. Between coffee, talking  and laughing  she created an awesome idea for this concept.

 I wanted this in  in black and white.

This is part one of two concepts we created that day.

 There was magic in the air. Vel was the perfect model; needed very little direction just knew what I wanted. she was reading my mind (well, almost ).


  1. Scissors...some scrap fabric and a vision! And look what we did!!!

    You've always pushed and challenged me...and I am SO grateful for that! I have grown into the artist I am today because of that! ;)

    Looking forward to the next time! xoxo, Edie


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