the Sofa , a journey in erotica ,

For the past two years, I have photographed many models on the sofa in my studio. When I began to see the amount of images I had, another book was born.

So here are just a few with  Irish model Juchi ,who was on a trip here in California, and came in to shoot with Nichole.

The idea was two girls photographing each other. When I spoke to Juchi on the phone, it was like she was from another planet, I did not under stand a word she said. Yet I was born in England and have spoken to many Irish people... mmmm ??

When she came in it, was much easier to understand her. I could just lip read her lol.

She is just an amazing model, lots of energy and just had a nice way about her. Plus she and Nichole just hit it off, so I new it would be a great shoot.

Nichole is a model that just has it all: beautiful, a stunning body, and is just a super nice person.
So how could I miss with such a great combination with these two models???

I gave some direction because of the lighting I was using, but they knew what I wanted to see. So here are some from the book.