some times you meet a model that is more than a model

Some times you meet a model that is more than a model . She is a visual model - to be seen in movement.
What do I mean by that?

Well I meet Lucie when she worked with another photographer at my studio and I noticed the way she was constantly moving.

She explained that she loved Video as she could create different moods, etc. and keep moving.
So I agreed to work with her on a video project, which she wanted to create, and we would both use it.

I would shoot some video footage and some still shoots so she could edit and create a  black and white  video with different moods.

She is a very talented beautiful model and very much gets into the mood of the idea, such as these, which  have a more sensual side.

These are some of the still shoots from part of  that shoot which I love very much.

but alas there is no video. So sad but true, she just did not follow through and get it done.



  1. Wow! the lighting and contrast in these Photos is super Rad!
    I found your blog through your MM profile, and Im really glad I did. your blog gives a much more in depth vision of your work.
    Thank you for sharing.


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