where do ideas come from

Having  a studio to work in is okay, but I just collect stuff like this old door frame. Why in world did I bring it back to my studio for? Or even say "yes, I will take it" ?
I have no room at my studio for any more stuff,  but it's like well, it's cool old wood ...hmmm yea right.
So ok, I have to do some thing with it or throw it out... hhmmm ...throw it out.

Well I had a new art  model, Angie, coming into the studio. So once she was here and we chatted, I realized she was up for some of my odd ideas. So I screwed the door frame to my floor on it's side, and then got Angie to follow my direction in creating a shape to contrast with the frame. Well I forgot  to say I only had half a door frame.

Angie so talented and easy to work with. Plusshe could hold the pose where she is hanging downwards, so I could change the lighting.

We created some really cool images. Just love her shape in contrast to the straight wood of the door frame.

And yes, I have used it again - So I do not feel too bad having dragged it back to studio...