Can you be a model at 50?

Can you be a model at 50?
Yes you can, if you are Francene. Francene, who i had met some years back, had contacted me for her photoshoot to celebrate her 50th birthday. Francene, being the individual that she is, said she did not want to shoot regular portrait style photos, but had always like my style of photography.  She mentioned doing a  steampunk look as well as a few other look ideas she had and i was absolutely up for it.

i booked  Elise, a makeup artist i had been working with recently, to come in and help with the styling and makeup. i think Elise looks on the dark side of things, has a great imagination and works with people so easy, even someone twice her age. so the date was set, Francene came in with all her gear and i created a background and lighting to go with the shoot. Elise and Francene created the looks we wanted. the first look was the idea of steampunk, the second look that she really wanted to create was that of a flamingo dancer. Francene loves all the shapes that the dress and the dancers body creates.

The final look we created was called white face, i totally did not understand the white face concept at first, but once Francene got in front of the camera, it was just amazing to see her create the shapes that she molded herself into, with no direction from me.

for the white face look, i shot more then i probably would because i got caught up in her enthusiasm and energy. It's refreshing in today's world to find someone with that enthusiasm and individuality. It seems that in today's world that most people are so concerned about what others think that they stray from themselves and being who they are, or liking the the things that make them who they are. although her white face was created in color, i changed some in black and white for her and they totally have a unique look as you can see here as i have posted color and black and white.


  1. Love women with moxie regardless of their age, but women 50+ full of life and creativity are not the rare commodity everyone thinks. We have much more on the ball and to offer than most realize. Plus many times people do not know you are the age you are unless act it or tell em. 50+ is so liberating!


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