new art work with fashion model

I had the opportunity to create some new art work with Fashion model, Christie. I had seen pictures of her ,
but when she came in to my studio, she brought her magic in with her - a totally stunning model amazing body and a killer smile. You just know it will be an awesome photo shoot.

Christie is just amazing to work with: tall, slim, beautiful, and understood how I wanted to work. As a professional full time Fashion  model, she was very interested in a different journey with me. Although she has model art nude before, my ideas and style where somewhat different.

But as I said, she brought her magic in and I fell totally in love with her for that day. So many amazing ideas and concepts we created in such a short time.

Here are just some .

Christie is the model in all the pictures in the picture as well.


  1. A brilliant spin on this concept Phillip. Bravo to both you and Christie.


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