Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Red wine and two glasses , a Question of Balance .

I was set up to shoot today but it had to be rescheduled ,

  As I had the product table and lights set up, I thought I would create this wine glass balanced on a wine bottle  this idea had been on my mind these past few days ,

what you see is what I created, I had a small clamp at the bottom of the wine glass so it would not tip over of the wine bottle ,which I photo shopped the clamp out,
that is all I photo shopped out, the wine glass is balanced on the wine bottle ,

the wine was in the glass with a piece paper stuck to the rim to stop it spilling out ,my assistant Tom retied Portrait  photographer who had just popped in to say hello ,was now working ,dam he said I just came in to sit and chat for ten minutes ,

All he had to do was pull the paper away quickly so the wine would pour in to the other glass, the first test shot was to much wine big mess, so cut the amount of wine in half , this is the second shot  ,worked fine

 to see my mess test shot scroll down below this pic

Complaints about Nortons still screwing everyone over for money

  I still see more and more complaints about Norton/ Symantec over charging no refunds just screwing every one over ,

 Consumer complaints click here

Monday, December 12, 2011

part 2 Beautiful Bottoms on Bicycle = B B on B ROSS 12 speed Bicycle

a surprise visit by model Nikki Sunday evening 11 Dec, who I shoot with for the (Mens Silk Shirts ) series ,on my blog ,
   she had time to shoot with me, so told her about the Beautiful Bottoms on Bicycle = BB on B series ,well she does have a  great bottom,

  I had a 1981 original Ross Carrera 12 speed mens Road Bike on loan from Orlando ,

so this is BB on B  part 2

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Beautiful Bottoms on Bicycle = B B on B

all ways enjoyed  the song from Queen Fat Bottom Girls,
 so this is the start of a new series , B B on B part 1

well may not be Big Bottoms girls , lets just sat Beautiful , Bottoms on  Bicycle

the first one is on an amazing Designed  4 wheeled Bicycle by AUTUM  Epitaph,, features a custom crafted wheel set that allows them  to mount 4 low profile tires.      AUTUM web site 

a wonderland in miniature you will be amazed ,trains, planes ,and places

this link was sent to me by a friend ,so if you have not seen it, it is truly amazing the talent ,creativity and technical ability of all  who make this  happen ,

take a look, it is only 5 minutes out of your life, but will become a life time memory ,

Black and White photography nude, plus wine, plus sand = maybe some thing different

in a recant post I showed a studio set up of the beach ,  different model different idea , using the same set  up , part of the wine series .

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Black and White photography with a Hair styling Artist

I do not think it needs to be the hair colour all the time that creates the art of an Hair stylist,
the shape is what appeals me,
watching the stylist and model work together is very rewarding and then the makeup Artist brings there creativity to it,
then I see there creation  it is up to me to show there work , so I have Hair styling a beautiful model plus makeup, so I take a selective group of looks  in colour for them to use,

  but I always see what I want, and shoot this for me as a black and white image,

it is the shadows ,shape and light, where the whole becomes one to me it is just shape ,  there is a person involved yet they become part of the shape as  it is just a design ,

Thursday, December 1, 2011

JJansen designs Jewelry 5" 11" fashion models amazing legs

I thought this would be a great way to show a  full length image of a fashion model,

who always have amazing legs yet still keep it to show JJansen Jewelry ,

these are two test shots that I created with Jacqueline and new model Morgan ,

a model a mans silk shirt topless and near nude

chatted on the phone To Nikki Lee on Friday  did not realise she was in Phoenix, Arizona  when I spoke to her 

my studio is in Costa Mesa CA  and said yes have time Saturday to test,

  she was here the next morning 10.30 am ready to shoot ,  mmmmmm  what an absolutely awesome model   ,
blond, stunning with a  killer body , ideal for more of my mens silk shirts concept Nikki is also on Model Mayhem ,

 gave her an idea of what I was looking for,  Nikki was just perfect with the fan blowing her hair and shirt,   just so many amazing shots  ,

  and some how the shirt fell of on some shots

Models in mens Silk Shirts topless and implied nude

Just an Idea I been playing with for a while  ,

  I like the models I work with to have some thing to do, even when nude or part nude, as it just makes for interesting images,

no bra panties pulled down so much more sexy / sinful  and some what erotic,

I am showing them in black and white but  they will be in colour for my book ,

Studio Photography creating and building sets for my own ideas,

I totally enjoy studio photography., this was a very last minute idea as I had  model Vanessa coming in to test with me,

I always like messing with beach, wine and spirits bottles etc,

  so this is the idea I put together to go with the silk shirt concept ,

Vanessa  had hurt her hip the day before so I really appreciate her working through it, she is an awesome model

 sand ,paper, plastic, and a blue gel,

plus some from the same shoot black and white

Sara Moon and David Hamilton created some very soft focus images in camera

have always liked the soft focus images that Sara Moon created for the 1972 Pirelli Calendar plus the soft focus photography of David Hamilton ,

 had the opportunity to work with a new model Morgan , that I felt had a fresh new look  ,   I created a silk stocking filter  over the lens ,

which is the first image no photoshop ,  just a soft box and the filter then cropped it  square ,

the other ones I processed  and muted the colour in photoshop ,

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Art inspires Art

 many times I am inspired by other artist when I see there work , so it was nice to  receive  an email from Bill Higginson an artist from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada,

he had come across my photography and was some what inspired by this image of my muse Lianda ,,

sent me  this link to a video of him creating a drawing of this , it is an excellent video so take a look ,

Friday, November 11, 2011

Get Smart would say (I missed it by that much) I missed it by 2 sec 11/ 11 2011. 11;11, Ultimat Vodka from Poland

I thought the date to day 11 November 2011 was interesting,

the Title ( I missed it by that much ) came from the TV show Get Smart with Don Adams,

  planed to shoot a model to get the date and time to be 11/11/11  11: 11.11 on the METADATA of the   image , well did not get a model ,so thought I would shoot a still life ,

at about 9.30 am put some stuff out  but just did not like any of it,   played some more,,

now its 10.35 mmm need to get this done,

 had a Ultimat Vodka bottle   set this up with some stuff  now it is nearly  11 am,  set it up the lights took a test shoot changed it a little readjusted the lights ,

checked the time on my camera O M G it was not the same as my computer or the same as my studio clock ,
wow ,I need to do this now ,I need the date and time with the metadata on the image or it makes no sense

tried to work it out in my mind, I do not wear a watch, so tried to count the time from one shot to the next but dam missed it by that much 2 sec , I got it at 11/11/11 11: 11:13 am,

but still happy and love the image I created , why did I do this, I guess because I can and was just interested in the date for an image,          next will be 12/12/12

 below one of my test shots  which I also like ,

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Asian Beauty in black and white photography

as much as I shoot in colour ,
I still love beauty looks in black and white ,
this one of Mandy just shows as much of her beauty ,but I feel there is just more to look at shape and shadows become very much part of her image , even tho I know she has beautiful skin and red lips ,

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Black model Erica in Black & White Fashion

just one of Erica, Fashion Editorial series,

nude artist, painting a canvas with her body,

test shooting an idea ,artist using her body to create the painting , one of many of this series ,

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Makeup and Hair , Model beauty looks

As much as I love Black & White ,I still enjoy shooting beauty in colour ,

Legs, Shoe Fetish, Black & white Photography

still working on the  Shoe Fetish  Book ,

Model/Actor Nora Brussels from Belgium in Black & White and Colour

beautiful and sensual ,

Asian Flowers , model Concept in Texture, shape an colour ,

created with my Muse

Lighting Gels , Reflections makeup and hair .

Test shot from a commercial concept ,

Window Voyeur, watching girls

part of the on going series for the new book Voyeurism ,

Snake and Nipple

working with a model and a large snake,

became more interested in watching the snake and what it was doing, the way it was moving around her body , just one from this series,