Monday, January 31, 2011

a story of my Muse

Once upon a time ,mmmm lets not go there ,

the story is about my Muse ,

  I have mentioned her  many times and have worked with   for maybe Five  years and over a 100 photo shoots ,
she is I think some what organized and does plan a head , so a few weeks back she emailed me about she had got engaged , well awesome I thought ,
had not meet Chris but she talks about him whenever she is here ,so I had a idea of what he was like  a planer and organizer as well ,
Lianda  ask if I would create some old time looking prints of there engagement and wedding web site  ,
they wanted a big dress look with a vintage chair  and he would have a tux  ,top hat  and cane ,

then Lianda wanted a  sort of vintage look in a  vintage style wedding dress she got just for this shoot ,not the dress she will wear for her wedding ,
well between them they planed all the clothes and props and the date and time for the shoot at my studio ,,

big day ,
they arrive bring in all the clothes and stuff  the vintage chair turns up ,I create the set, back ground and lighting ,  Lianda all smiles opens the wine  I toast them , they go change   Lianda comes out she looks amazing  but has a puzzled look on her face  ,

mmmm I say ,

she says  PHILLIP WE HAVE A PROBLEM it reminded me of the movie Apollo 13.

I stared  back waiting for the punch line  it was HE HAS LEFT HIS PANTS BEHIND  he has know pants ,

well that was all to much for me   I just started laughing   and so did  she and then Chris joined in , it was to funny  so this organized couple  left his pants behind , 

well I said just have to shoot it with know pants  , Lianda laughed Chris looked in Horror then  said sounds  great ,so here is the first  Test shot of the happy couple ,Know pants Chris

we did have some pants in wardrobe that he did wear after this so all was ok  

we shoot some more of this idea ,     we drank some wine and had a snack  , then Lianda went and Changed in to her vintage style wedding dress  , Chris was ready and  I changed the lighting ,

Lianda come on to the set  my god she just glowed and looked so beautiful ,put a tear in my eye , have shot Bride wedding dresses  before but this was a real Bride and I new her so just made it more special  ,
any way we set up the shot and created some of them standing , her sitting and had Chris sit down with Lianda standing ,

just love this one  with Chris sitting ,had a little work to do to give it a more older look , took me a while as I am not a photo shop wizard  but really like what I created for them,


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shoe Fetish update

I had some time to get back on the shoe fetish series.
This is becoming a very interesting concept; talking to the models, there is more to this than I'd imagined. So much more to come.

when a model becomes a broken doll

This is part of my model concepts:

Do we look at a model and just see just what is on the out side? So, when they fall and break, are they just an empty shell? Do they become a broken doll just to be thrown away?

Talking with other Photographers and Wardrobe Stylist, we seem to have a preconceived idea of what models should be like and we label them.

Like, a model with more curves is Glamor.
If they are tall, skinny, long legs with small tits, well, they are Fashion.
And then the one who is too small, too young, well, she is a Wannabe - never will be a model.

So here are three examples of this.
Created by some amazing models that I work with who understood the concept and gave their time for this.

this was another idea  two models for the price of one ,just unzip and you have another model

do we put a model on a shelf, just to look at  like another doll,


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Follow Me

Hello! This is Kelly, and I have GREAT news!
 Now you can follow Phillip's blog via facebook!

All you have to do is:
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That's it!
Now you will get automatic updates in your facebook whenever he updates his blog! :)

Remember: Phillip does not have a facebook account, so when his blog is updated, your facebook will show my name "Kelly Vy" instead.

Thanks a bunches and have a great day!

Random thoughts on a year gone by

These are just some of my thoughts at random on the past year of 2010.

Never thought I would miss working with a model  that much.
Well, I do miss the creativeness of my Muse, who I have worked for over the past 4 years, so I do believe in magic - her magic .
How in the world can some one have magic? Well, I guess we then have to call it the X factor.

Althoough I work with many models many times and they are just great, but the x factor is not there yet -Some are close. It's just something special you just know when it is there.. so look up the word "Muse" then you will understand.

I have made many new friends this past year, and miss many that have moved on. The studio just seems to get smaller and smaller. Maybe I just have too much stuff.
I do have too much stuff, so this year, I have to thin it down. Also need to stop working so much of an evening  editing. I think because my work station is next to my online computer, I watch a movie on line or just music videos, and keep working. mmmm... have to stop this.

With some new clients, and my own art work, I did not realize how busy I had been last year. I need to change my car, Just do - time for a change.maybe one of these

I have many more aches and pains, which as I get older, they're just not going to go away - just have to work around them .

Worked with model Kelly last year a few times, she is such a great model. Ahe is only 4' 9" I think. But as I work with her on my concepts, her height does not hold her or me back in what we do.

She is here in my blog, and just worked with her again on the 17th of January. A very cool concept, but she had to lay still for almost an hour as we set stuff up and did test shots. We got the shot we needed and she was just perfect for the idea. Would not have wanted to use a different model, will post once the photoshop work is done.

Also did a shoot New Years Eve. Just wanted to do a shoot in to next year, as the camera records the time and date. So I would have 2010, 31st of December to 2011, 1st of January. "Why?" you may ask. I do not have the answer. I guess because I could and had not done it before. The model, Samantha, was great. She gave up her evening to go out, came here with her boy friend to work with me. Good thing he was here, as we rehearsed it we found we needed  to move some stuff and her to change clothes, as I wanted this to all happen in two minutes. It was a great new year photoshoot which I will remember.

Thank you Samantha.


Speaking of magic, I have been working with Gregory Wilson, Magician, for some years now and one thing he needed was to disappear.
So now with photo shop, we have some photographic magic,  really like what I created with him for this:

There have been many amazing models, and one or two which ... well, let's just say had no magic that I worked with in my art concepts. Some of these model work full time as a fashion model, yet still love to be creative out side of  their every day model work. I love them all, they are many so will add their names and pics later as I find them. But I do thank them for finding the time

Many of them are on my blog and will be in my books and Galleries.

some of Romina  

Weather has been great here in California, but not too good in the UK, which is where I came from many years ago. I have friends send pics of snow-covered cars and roads- I just do not miss that. I've been gone too long. Speaking about California, I live in Orange County, and still see stores closing down  and so many houses  for sale, so sad. Yet on the other hand, every day day I see new Rolls Royce and many super cars plus lots of high-end cars and some awesome big trucks.

Just before Christmas, a 16 year old model came in to my studio to plan a portfolio update. I remarked on her fashion clothes, she said her heels were about  $850, jeans $500, her coat was about $1,800 but her blouse was only $7.00, which she bought from  a goodwill store. Her parents bought the rest. I think the 7 dollar blouse meant more to her than the rest, mind you she did look good. It just shows how out of touch I am in what people spend on clothes. no wonder the fashion world is so big - but never thought about teens  that do buy them or r have them bought for them plus it is also about Brands what is in.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

love new creative concepts

What to do... mmm... what to do...
Here we have a new product to shoot. A tad on the large side and somewhat unusual. A real Coffin Couch.
Maybe not for some, but is just awesome none the less.

Client said he would  leave it to me and I had a few models that I thought would be great for this and they all just loved it.

I think Elise wanted to take it home after the shoot.
Here are some of the different ideas I had: 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A New Year so testing out Ideas

seems like clients are getting busy  this year, so I'm testing some ideas with model Romina. She is one of my all time favorite models.
Never realized it's been five years working with her. She is smart and just a great model, with sense of humor and a laugh you won't forget.

Just had a great photo shoot with her, and her mother worked as my assistance. You could not ask for a better team.