a story of my Muse

Once upon a time ,mmmm lets not go there ,

the story is about my Muse ,

  I have mentioned her  many times and have worked with   for maybe Five  years and over a 100 photo shoots ,
she is I think some what organized and does plan a head , so a few weeks back she emailed me about she had got engaged , well awesome I thought ,
had not meet Chris but she talks about him whenever she is here ,so I had a idea of what he was like  a planer and organizer as well ,
Lianda  ask if I would create some old time looking prints of there engagement and wedding web site  ,
they wanted a big dress look with a vintage chair  and he would have a tux  ,top hat  and cane ,

then Lianda wanted a  sort of vintage look in a  vintage style wedding dress she got just for this shoot ,not the dress she will wear for her wedding ,
well between them they planed all the clothes and props and the date and time for the shoot at my studio ,,

big day ,
they arrive bring in all the clothes and stuff  the vintage chair turns up ,I create the set, back ground and lighting ,  Lianda all smiles opens the wine  I toast them , they go change   Lianda comes out she looks amazing  but has a puzzled look on her face  ,

mmmm I say ,

she says  PHILLIP WE HAVE A PROBLEM it reminded me of the movie Apollo 13.

I stared  back waiting for the punch line  it was HE HAS LEFT HIS PANTS BEHIND  he has know pants ,

well that was all to much for me   I just started laughing   and so did  she and then Chris joined in , it was to funny  so this organized couple  left his pants behind , 

well I said just have to shoot it with know pants  , Lianda laughed Chris looked in Horror then  said sounds  great ,so here is the first  Test shot of the happy couple ,Know pants Chris

we did have some pants in wardrobe that he did wear after this so all was ok  

we shoot some more of this idea ,     we drank some wine and had a snack  , then Lianda went and Changed in to her vintage style wedding dress  , Chris was ready and  I changed the lighting ,

Lianda come on to the set  my god she just glowed and looked so beautiful ,put a tear in my eye , have shot Bride wedding dresses  before but this was a real Bride and I new her so just made it more special  ,
any way we set up the shot and created some of them standing , her sitting and had Chris sit down with Lianda standing ,

just love this one  with Chris sitting ,had a little work to do to give it a more older look , took me a while as I am not a photo shop wizard  but really like what I created for them,



  1. Absolutely spectacular Philip! Your creativity and talents are limitless....
    xo Mercedes


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