when a model becomes a broken doll

This is part of my model concepts:

Do we look at a model and just see just what is on the out side? So, when they fall and break, are they just an empty shell? Do they become a broken doll just to be thrown away?

Talking with other Photographers and Wardrobe Stylist, we seem to have a preconceived idea of what models should be like and we label them.

Like, a model with more curves is Glamor.
If they are tall, skinny, long legs with small tits, well, they are Fashion.
And then the one who is too small, too young, well, she is a Wannabe - never will be a model.

So here are three examples of this.
Created by some amazing models that I work with who understood the concept and gave their time for this.

this was another idea  two models for the price of one ,just unzip and you have another model

do we put a model on a shelf, just to look at  like another doll,