be careful what you say it may happen

Be careful what I say - because it did happen.

Catching up on some photoshoots from last year.

As I am an artist in photography, there are many art models who travel, and some times they will email me about working together.
Well this is one of them, Kess, an out of state model, emailed  me and asked what would it take to work with me. I jokingly  replied: "if you ring the bell at my studio, standing on one leg, with a patch over one eye, a bottle of red wine and your breast exposed, I will work with you for the day."

Well, many months later, the door bell rings  and yep, there she was.

Had to take a pic of her out side my studio.
Kess is just awesome.

So, as I said: be careful of what you say .

I totally love this model. She smiled, laughed and was just a beautiful person to work with.
Here are just some.
The concept was taking pictures of her in a reflection, with  her taking pictures with a  cellphone camera of herself.


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