Beauty is it just the way we look

so what is beauty ,

is it the way we look ,or the way we conceive it to look ,

is a man just handsome can he be pretty ,a woman is  beautiful or just a plain Jane ,

working in the fashion world I have lost touch with reality ,this was an Idea I created with Alexis makeup artist some time back,

 I had David not shave half his face for a awhile ,  then Alexis spent some time blending and covering one side with makeup to create what you see here ,  

I used a soft box very close to the beauty side of his face together with 2 reflectors 1 to bounce light  back under his chin and on to his neck plus the other to bounce light back on the other side

  I think Dave had a lot of fun with this ,  as we did ,  really happy with the result ,


  1. I just discovered your site. I haven’t explored much of it yet, but being of an ‘older generation’ raised in the tradition of an ultra-moralistic, Christian environment I am amazed that I am intrigued and not offended by your photographic art. You got me thinking that perhaps every genre of raw and refined depictions of beauty transcends every ideological paradigm.

    All the best and kudos.


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