Saturday, February 19, 2011

Beauty is it just the way we look

so what is beauty ,

is it the way we look ,or the way we conceive it to look ,

is a man just handsome can he be pretty ,a woman is  beautiful or just a plain Jane ,

working in the fashion world I have lost touch with reality ,this was an Idea I created with Alexis makeup artist some time back,

 I had David not shave half his face for a awhile ,  then Alexis spent some time blending and covering one side with makeup to create what you see here ,  

I used a soft box very close to the beauty side of his face together with 2 reflectors 1 to bounce light  back under his chin and on to his neck plus the other to bounce light back on the other side

  I think Dave had a lot of fun with this ,  as we did ,  really happy with the result ,