Brianna Olympius 10 years old her life ,her journey 1991 to 2001

for some reason ,of what I do not know ,I had not wanted to put this story on line but now I am ok with it ,

I meet Brianna 9 years old when my studio was next door to where her Dad  worked ,

we had planned to create a  photo portfolio for her as she was a typical nine year old with glasses full of energy and loved life ,

so on the day of the shoot September 2000 instead of blue jeans yellow tee shirt and other fun stuff  , I created this story about a Magical Adventure, had her dad bring in an old bicycle ,

I have no reason as to why I created this photo shoot , but I had built a old room in my studio for a gunslinger photoshoot , so I made a front for it ,so it looked like a barn ,

here is the pictorial of her which was turned it to a book ,you can read the end of the story  when you finish reading the book ,

hopefully you can make it bigger to read the text


a letter from her Dad Todd Olympius

on September 28 2000 Brianna was diagnosed with a brain stem tumor  Dr William Loudon and Dr Michael Muhonen of Children  Hospital  Orange County ( CHOC )where able to remove 80% of the tumor but some was still inside the stem of her brain,
Brianna was scared and confused throughout all this her spirit never weakened but her body did ,
on the 14 September 2001 she died in my arms surround by her family . she was 10

                                             Todd Olympius
so the images I took with Brianna  where turned into this book ,after she was diagnosed with a tumor and where the last pictures taken of her  ,

 as I said I had know reason to create this pictorial story with her , but for some reason we did ,   I had so much fun telling her this story that I made up ,and she just loved giving her ideas and  acting out this journey,

so with sadness I tell her magical adventure  ,but with love she will remain in our heart

one last thing ,her life was celebrated in a park ,I had never seen this before, all her family, school friends, Doctors and many many people where there ,

friends etc told story's  about her, I was asked but I was just overwhelmed and could hardly speak there was  so much love for this little girl ,

at the closing all her school friends  called her name and released loads of butterflies at the same times in to the air,
have never seen any thing  like this before, here I am a grown man with tears running down my face , such a beautiful way to say goodbye .

Farewell sweet Brianna 1991 to September 14  2001



  1. Every once and a while like today I Google Bri's name just to see? It's amazing and touching to me is that almost 10 years later I have a friend that is still touched by my beatiful Brianna. Phil, yesterday (06/08/11) Tracey and I went out to Joshua Tree for the day to see "Brianna's View" a place she loved to go and the last place Brianna, Brandin, Tracey and I were able to go all together. Brianna and I sat on one side of the canyon and watched as Tracey and Brandin went to check out the old mines. We have a plaque here with the words Brianna's View and 6/12/91 to 9/14/2001. (You cant do this in a National Park) but it's a great beautiful, and peaceful spot to sit, reflect, and remember for years to come. With tears running down my face I can only amagin what she would have been like this Sunday on her 20th Birthday. Thank you phil for your thoughs and memories. Your friend, TODD OLYMPIUS


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