do you know what Bergamot Station is Hmmmm read on

Once a train depot for the now-defunct Red Line trolley, this warehouse complex houses more than 30 art galleries and the Santa Monica Museum of Art. Converted into an art gallery enclave in the '90s.
I did not know this , but I was asked by an  Artist client, Ines, to photograph her work in a Gallery  there.

well Ines picked me up to take me there. The Bergamot Station is located in Santa Monica - very easy drive from my Studio in Costa Mesa.

Once there - wow! to my surprise, this is a big area of galleries and was very clean looking; no trash.  W went in to the Gallery the Loft and  every one so so cool and helpful .

Went up stairs into the Loft , this is really nice, very clean, and plenty of room for her art work.
I shot these with just their lighting, as I wanted it to have that gallery look  for her art . The walls have a sort of creamy look instead of white - I could have changed it in photo shop but just like it the way it is.

Once I finished, I went and walked about, and was totally amazed by how nice and helpful every one was.
Some Galleries are huge, just love all the art on display. It really helps when you can stand back and just look at them the lighting they create to show there art is just awesome --- but no chairs to sit on mmmmmm.

As I get more time, will put some links on here - but just Google it and go there to see such a fine   collection of paintings ,sculpture and Photography. I plan on going back real soon ,