First proof of the New Brochure front and back Cover for JJansen Designs with Model Mayhem talent Model Wardrobe /stylist and Makeup artist

J Jansen Designs  had lots of images to chose from ,
but this was all  Model Mayhem   , because  Model  Ayanna  Jordan  MM,    and Mari MM Wardrobe stylist and Makeup artist Maly Siharah  MM,

Maly had to double up on makeup ,lucky for us she is a great makeup artist as well as an amazing wardrobe stylist ,

as the one Booked did a can not make it at the last minuet , but all was ok   

front Cover  model
Ayanna Jordon Model Mayhem

Back Cover
model Mari  Model Mayhem  ,

 model  Mari is just more than amazing  5' 11"she was born to be a Fashion  model and she walks like you wouldn't believe on the runway ,
was very happy to have worked with her for this ,