if some thing changes, take advantage of it ,

I had Elise makeup artist  booked for a shoot on Friday 25 Feb but we had to reschedule at the last minuet
but as Elise was here at the studio we decided to shoot an idea I had , Elise is a model as well  ,

model Deveraux phoned and said she was close by and wanted to pop in to the studio to say hello
 so I spoke to her about the  idea and working with Elise  she was up for it and had the time  ,

so I set up the lighting while they did makeup and wardrobe ,

  happy we had to reschedule as this would never have happened ,just  love working with creative models to test out  ideas ,some times the test becomes the shoot ,
it was a black and white concept this is  part one ,  here are some of the test shots  from it,