inspired by Guy Bourdin Fashion Photographer

 Guy Bourdin had his own way of creating Fashion photography, his work is in many many Fashion magazines ,he really did had a different way of seeing  things ,it is worth doing a Google of his images ,Video Gallery show of his work
although I work more in black and white ,I am still very inspired by his use of colour and strong graphic composition ,

So ever so often  I get a need to use colour or strong graphic shape for a Client ,Guy Bourdin and Richard Avedon are my inspiration ,

but over some years at looking at there work, I begin to see maybe the way they would think it out , so this is some of my inspired work  ,

although many photographers would never say they copy or are inspired by any photographer  all there work is original ,

but I am happy doing this ,it keeps there memory alive and I enjoy going on that same journey that they created within there images ,

all these where shot in my studio with two super long leg models ,Danella and Engel  although some  maybe nothing like Guy Bourdin's work  you can see they where inspired by his use of colour ,and his and Richard Avedon style in composition ,