Looks like a busy year coming up

Last year was very slow in art shows and gallery sales, but it gave me a lot more time to create a much bigger body of work.

plus the opportunity to work with many more out of state art models because some times I am just to busy but last year was great had more time to create art with them.

I also see there are more LA based models that are interested in creating concepts with me,
although I have gone of on a shoe fetish angle at the moment  .

Damn, this is so interesting when you chat with the models, I had no idea that some models have like a hundred pairs of shoes plus high boots. Some they can hardly walk in and what they cost. us guys are so lucky. or I am. I think maybe 5 pairs of shoes for me.
but it is all good for my shoe fetish series.

So last month was busy,  have shipped out 7 prints and 3 more to go this month.
All out of state, maybe it is the weather as it has been cold where they are and people do not get out so much. Maybe they like to sit by the fire with munches a laptop looking at art.

had a preview show last month  much interest in the black model I photographed with the inspired  Richard Avedon images ,just love this model and what she created with me.

She worked so well I think because she under stood the concept plus I had my favorite wardrobe stylist here Edie who now lives in Texas and Elise my makeup artist  great team created some amazing images .

Have some gallery shows coming up and will post date and location when things are confirmed ,

Need to make some space at my studio to hang more of my work  so may have some stuff to sell to make room  , maybe will put a link on here as I start to list on ebay etc or have a sale here at my studio of stuff

Have noticed many web sites have gone but do see a lot more blogs  so maybe its the way of the blogs for this year.

Before I Forget,  have to say a big thank you to Kelly Vy for helping me get this blog up and running.
she is the concept model in the broken doll image and many other.

I do tend to work with the same models many times, their work just gets better and better and so does mine. you sort of create a friendship of a love of what you are doing - it does work.

I had it with Lianda who became my muse and still is. Lianda is the model in the wedding dress I posted the other day.

Another model that I just love working with is Deveraux she seams to tune in to my thoughts.

and Elise who is a makeup artist but started modeling just love the direction I am going with her.

all ideas and models I talk about are on my blog , so maybe go read it  ,

till I chat again  phillip


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