Nostalgia just part of my past, as was Tony Dickson drag racer and his Camaro Money Hungry

My blog and web site have put old friends back in touch, which is just awesome , plus some new friends have asked what did I do before photography.

So as I get time will post some of my past.

This Camaro was owned and raced by Tony Dickson, English  Drag racer, and a long time friend who Died some years back.
But spoke to his brother, John, who brought me up to date on Tonys old race car. Here are some from an  English Magazine. never ever thought that after 30 years it would still have the same  paint job that I did , and is now racing again.

while Tony was Drag racing, I was power boat racing ,

will add more info as I look it up ,as it was over thirty years ago and have more pics

     Avenger  Too

yep that is me.

had a great time racing this boat with Mac ( D McGowan ) some of the best times ever

No idea what I am doing - the photographer said: "just look like you know what you doing" 
mmm now I am saying that to models - as I am now a photographer.


  1. Hi,
    Whatever happened to this boat, it was quite famous at the time?


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