Monday, February 7, 2011

Rock Chic Series One by Amanda Marie Pizziconi

this was one of the best ever photoshoots  for fun, and it created such great images, it came about after a fashion shoot with Amanda Marie Pizziconi

we all had lots of energy and Edie was playing air guitar to the radio, Amanda and I looked at each other and I said I do have a bass guitar  ,

so yep that was it Edie restyled Amanda plus makeup and hair ,

I set up the lighting and ran some test shots but Amanda had never played guitar mmmm so Edie said Amanda just watch me,

now Edie plays a mean air guitar so cranked up the music and just watched Amanda and she was now in to it .

so I just picked my shoots as she and Edie rocked the house down , it was amazing to see the two girls  having so much fun,

Edie is also a model with flaming red hair , I wish I had another guitar I would have shoot them both , just love high energy  impromptu photo shoots so these are just some ,