Romina a Caffeine junkie

well not really -  it was an idea she had when we where testing out some ideas and creating a shot for a new drink: MAZU.
Romina has a very creative mind, it's  a wonder she sleeps at night. she reminds me of Lianda, who is always thinking of ideas as well.

I don't think I want to get them together -  my head would explode with all that input from the two of them.

Romina was talking about all the Caffeine that people drink - so she had this idea which she put together about high on Caffeine.
Being as I enjoy creative minds, as it keeps mine working, I was  happy to spend some time with her on this concept.

We created these over the top image about caffeine as a drug that  alters you prospective to be able to see things as they are. This is not reality  just a  concept - it does not have to make sense , and it has nothing to do with what is in these  images.

plus some test shots of ideas and one of MAZU





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