what do you hear in a empty room but the room is not empty

 so what do you here in a empty room ,yet it is full of people

I hear just the clip clip of high heels a cross a wooden floor of the waitresses , I listen again maybe just the clink of a fork on a plate and clip clip again.

how strange have never heard  a room full of people so quiet , but how can this be  ,

I am in a restaurant over looking the ocean by the pier in Santa Monica CA .
the sun is going down it is a beautiful sunset   ,

so I looked around in this dimly lite room and all I could see where  faces  lite by the glow of there cellphones or Ipads as they where texing  and reading messages looking at pictures ,

no one was talking ,it was just so quiet except for clip clip and a clink ,

I sat looking at all these people not looking at each other, just with there heads lowered ,it all looked so sad  ,every one being important look at me and see how busy I am ,

but no one caring about the other one ,

and this was at 6.30 pm early evening mostly  businesses people ,

I noticed because it was so quite  and as odd as it my seam ,I do not yet have a cell phone and may be I wont ,as I do not want to become one of them