Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Playboy Brittany Binger editorial and beauty photo shoot

I have worked  with Brittany a few times before and even thou she was a Playboy center fold and a very beautiful one at that   we have never shot any nudes  ,

there just seems so much more about her than just being naked ,(I am sure a lot of guys will not agree)  we have shoot Beauty and Editorial  , and just the other day we both had time to get together ,

so she came to the studio with her Mum who was on vacation here with her daughter , I can see where Brittany gets her good looks from and her mother is super nice and so supporting of Brittany  ,

my idea was the model Brittany shooting Polaroids of her self as in self portraits ,

 so I set the studio tripod up with a camera and one open head light with barn doors plus a soft box just to throw some light on the camera plus a fan ,

  I let Brittany play with just a little direction ,

she also brought her new puppy a gift  from her boyfriend ,and wow what a tiny dog he was every where in my studio , plus the last pic is a picture of Brittany with her dog ,well just had to take it ,